Planning Your Podcast

Planning Your Podcast

All the Things You Need to Ask Before Your Press Record | taught by Dave Jackson

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As someone who has been helping people launch podcasts since 2005, I've probably run into hundreds of people who have said, "Oh man I wish I would've found you sooner." In this course you will:

Brainstorm ideas for your show to make sure your podcast goals line up with your content

Pick a name that will resonate with listeners and not confuse them

Define your goal and brand

Define how, where, and when you will podcast.

Help picking a website address.

Understanding different recording techniques.

Understanding the different pieces of equipment and which ones I need (or not).

Have a rough idea what it will cost to launch your podcast.

Dave Jackson
Dave Jackson
Founder of the School of Podcasting

Dave Jackson is a multi-nominated podcaster who has been podcasting since 2005.

He is a featured/keynote speaker at events such as Podcast Movement, Podcast MidAtlantic, DC Podfest,, and others.

Author of the book More Podcast Money and My Favorite Podcast Is..Understanding Listener Loyatly

He served as the Director of Podcasting for the New Media Expo.

He is best known for founding the School of Podcasting and help hundreds of podcasters launch successful podcasts

His School of Podcasting podcast has (as of 9/16) over 1.4 million downloads.

Host the School of Podcasting, Ask the Podcast Coach, Because of My Podcast, and co-hosts the Podcasters Roundtable

He holds a Bachelors Degree in Education (specializing in Technical Education) from the University of Akron.

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